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A Lot for Less

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 |
Last night I ran in to take advantage of the Mega Sale, just one last time. Before coupons and Fresh Vales cards savings my total came to $181.00. After coupons and card savings my total came down to $34.00! I was so proud of myself. I ended up with:

2 Artichokes
1 package chicken breasts
5 Sobe waters
2 bags Tostios chips
2 Tostitos dips
2 bags lunch meat
4 boxes of Cheezits
2 bags of Goldfish
3 boxes of Electrosal dish washing tablets
18 bags of Quaker Quakes
2 Sara Lee Single Desserts
2 bags of chocolate candy
1 California Pizza
1 Digornio Pizza
3 boxes of Kleenex
4 tubs of butter
1 clearanced Chocolate cake =)

I saved 82% on this shopping trip!

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