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Meal Planning

Thursday, February 11, 2010 |
Last week I bet we all did a TON of stocking up at the Smith's Mega Sale, so lets put some of the food to good use. I just plan on running into the closest store to me to by some produce and milk for this weeks meal plan. There weren't really any fresh food items I felt like were worth stocking up on, so I am just going to be using what I have in my freezer.

Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast
Bagels and cream cheese with orange
Oatmeal and canned peaches
Pancakes and smoothies
Cereal and toast with jam
Cinnamon rolls and milk

Healthy Choice Entree of your choice
Lunchables at our weekly play date
Chicken Nuggets and homemade french fries (my kids love helping me season and salt homemade fries)
Peanut butter and jelly, with cheese slices and goldfish crackers
Easy Mac cups, Capri Suns and Ritz crackers with cream cheese spread
Tuna Sandwiches and pickles

Italian Sausage Stew and homemade rolls
Chicken Enchiladas, rice and homemade salsa and chips
Chili and cornbread
Crock pot pulled pork sandwiches with pasta salad
Roast with potatoes and steamed broccoli and carrots
Stuffed Red Peppers with homemade salsa and chips
I bet our pantry's our stuffed with snacks now!

I plan on using my Breyers Ice Cream, Sara Lee Delights.
For Valentines I am going to make homemade chocolate moose.

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