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Case Lot Comparisons

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 |
It's case lot time at Smith's and Macey's this week!
Around this time each year I look forward to looking at the comparison prices that Prepared LDS Family puts together here in a PDF. I can't believe the amount of research she puts into making sure we get the most bang for our buck during case lot week. She compares the prices of products at Smith's Macey's Fresh Market, Sam's Club and even Costco. Make sure you check it out!

I personally don't see a ton of things I need to purchase during case lot sale. There usually aren't a ton of 5 star deals during case lot sale week.

I have found that by getting multiple coupons in Sunday and using them when products go on sale I am able to buy things cheaper than during case lot sale week and I can buy it in bulk with multiple coupons. Back in December I got my evaporated milk for less than .25 a can and now it's priced at .65 a can. I still have plenty and I made sure it wasn't close to expiring. I also use to purchase some tuna at case lot sale time, but just a week ago I picked up some in the packages for free.

What are your thoughts about case lot sales and do you plan on buying anything?


Robyn said...

I was ready to go out and buy over a hundred dollars in case lot products but after reading your post I had to re-think. I have only been doing this for 6 months and have yet to see an amazing deal on canned goods so it is really hard to trust your judgement and take that leap of faith. In the end I decided on a compromise, only buy a case of the 3 things I am totally out of and trust that a deal will come up for the rest. Wish me luck!

Robyn said...

I was ready to go out and purchase over a hundred dollars in case lot deals until I read your blog post. I have only been doing this for 6 months and have yet to see a great deal on canned goods. So do I trust your judgement and wait or spend now? I have decided to take a middle road and get cases for the 3 items I am out of and wait with faith for the rest. Wish me luck!

Court and Jill said...

I think it really depends on the foods you cook with, the foods you store, and the way you like to shop. I personally do like case lots for certain items because of my situation. I live 60 miles from Fresh market, Smith, and Macey's. I live 20 miles from Walmart. My Walmart does not price match the promotional deals (ex: buy $20 worth of _____ product, get $5 coupon on your next purchase) and so it is impossible to get the same deals by price matching. My only option would be to drive the 60 miles each week for groceries to get the weekly sales that are a few cents better than the case lot. This does not fit into my life, nor will it ever. (Especially when you figure in the cost of gas and mileage on my car). Case lot sales are great for me because I know I can make the trip to the "big city" once and get pretty good deals (although not the best ever) on a large variety of items instead of just one or two items.

Shannon said...

I rarely find good deals on canned peaches, so I will be buying those. I also was thinking about buying the flour at Macey's, but is there a cheaper place to get 50 lbs. of flour?

Sami Carter said...

I love case lot sales, evan if I don't have any coupons! Although I had $5.00 in case lot bucks that I earned from macey's over the past couple of months and I was able to get a #10 can of chopped onions for .98 cents. They have awesome deal's on the #10 can's for food storage and I got it cheaper than I regularly do with my aunt's discount at the food storage store she works at! I admit I spent $300 bucks between Macey's and Smiths, but most everything doesn't expire for a year or two and its all stuff we will eat, and it gives me great comfort knowing there is plenty of food in my storage room to last us 6-9 months!

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