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Kmart Doubles Coupons

Monday, April 5, 2010 |
Last year around this same time Kmart was rumored to be doubling coupons. Last minute they changed their mind and pulled out? A lot of people here in Utah were disappointed. This year when Kmart issued out the list of what stores were doubling coupons and Utah was on the list I rolled my eyes expecting to have happen what did last year. Well, this year Kmart has supposedly pulled through and is doubling coupons. now, I say supposedly because you just never know for sure how each store will handle this event. After talking to a manager about this event this is what I have discovered:

  • You must scan in your shopper rewards card FIRST!
  • You can only double 5 coupons per day
  • You can only double one of each coupon, so you know how we have multiples of each coupon, you can only use one of your multiples, not all of them
  • They will only double a coupon up to $2.00

I live about 25 min away from Kmart and I don't even plan on going there this week. I just don't feel like fighting the crowds to use only 5 coupons a day and only up to a $2.00 value! In the spectrum of things that means the most I can save a day using coupons is $20. It isn't worth the drive for me. I bet all the good deals are low on stock as we speak. I tried to go and get Princess and the Frog at Kmart a few weeks ago and the stock clerk made it clear to me that they have very little in the back and most of the products are on the shelf, so when they are gone, they are gone. I also think Kmart is already a higher priced store when it comes to grocery products.

How come Utah doesn't see more events like this?

Who knows. I am sure after getting into couponing you have realized that places in the Mid West and back East and even in Arizona, double coupons frequently. In fact I have friends that have told me about triple and quadruple coupon days in their area! Yes, I will admit I am jealous of being able to quadruple coupons, but it's just the way it is. I am happy with what I do save using coupons and I am happy with the way my food storage grows each week by using coupons.

So, if you are going to Kmart or you have already be sure to report back with what your experience it like. We would all love to hear!


cindy said...

Kmart is the most frustrating store I've ever shopped at. Things that are on sale always ring up wrong and that's only if they have it on stock. From my experience they hardley ever have their sale items in stock. Everytime I leave Kmart I swear I'll never go back. It's not worth all the frustration and stress I go through---everytime.

Mitchell Family said...

Exactly my experience up to this point!

Daurie said...

I went a couple of hours ago, had no problems and got some great deals. I will definitely try every day this week for more free products!
I got:
Gillette body wash - free
All detergent - 2.00
Tampax pearl tampons - .49
Bic silky touch razors - free
Soft soap cleaner - free

Anonymous said...

I lived in California where they double coupons always, in certain grocery stores. But let me put things into perspective here, I pay less for my house in draper than I did for a two bedroom apartment there, gas is over a dollar higher there than here, utlities were about 30% higher, every item you buy in a plastic container has an additional tax, and the list goes on so I do not wish I was there for the doubling of coupons at all, their cost of living is way higher than here and the same goes for the East.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that my sister lives in Missouri and says that food here is dirt cheap compared to there, particularly produce. So we pay low prices for almost everything around here. So I am not surprised the do not double coupons in Utah very often.

Chelsee Joy said...

West Jordan store was out of everything. I was in the checkout line for seriously 25 minutes while they tried to figure out how to double the coupons.Everything rang up wrong and they were out of everything I wanted anyway. Bad trip! Don't take the kiddos if you do go....HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE :(

Chelsee Joy said...

HORRIBLE TRIP! Don't even waste your time...the West Jordan store was out of everything. I did find a few things and just to make my trip somewhat worth it. Everything rang up wrong and I was in the checkout for 25 minutes. I also took my boys...bad idea. As of now I am boycotting At least I can laught about it now

Mitchell Family said...

Kat- I do agree that the cost of living is down here in UT, however double coupon days are determined by a store and it's a cost they are willing to loose. Albertson's use to double frequently last year, and I personally would like to see some other local stores step up and appreciate our business by offering some double coupon days here and there.
If stores in the midwest quadruple coupons and their cost is up, that still makes for a TON of free stuff.
Chelsea- I am sorry to hear that. I wondered if that would be most shopperes experiences. I was really hoping this event would go well for Kmart, but by the sounds of it didn't. Yesterday after a few comments I started wondering if I should go, but you reminded me why I didn't. Thanks!

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