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Free Pearl Necklace

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 |
Still Looking for a Mother's Day Gift????? Head to Goldsmitch Co. Jewelers this morning!!!!!
This is by far my favorite free thing! Goldsmith Jewelers in Provo is giving away a free fresh water pearl necklace. It is valued at $99!!!!!! I had heard about it, but before I posted I wanted to check it out for myself. It is totally legit!!! I got there last night right before closing! There was a long line and I had to wait about 45 min, but I got my necklace! All they ask you for is your name and address. They were also amazing to me! They showed me how to take care of it, how it was made, and even where they kept the necklaces! They were so friendly and kind I couldn't believe it! I know next time we are looking for jewelry I will go there! I highly recommend taking a trip to Provo today and getting your necklace. Be sure to print of the following coupon and take it with you!!!!!!

PS- It said limited quantities available, so I wanted to know details. Trevor the manager told me that there were 5,000 necklace total and over the past 2 days they had given away 250 each day. So that means there are still 4,500 left. Don't wait too long though!!!! They open at 10 am this morning and I was the last customer last night.


Amanda Robbins said...

is this really the coupon it only brings up a small picture of it?

Mitchell Family said...

Yes, that is what everyone has been printing off and taking to the store.

Keri Glazier said...

Goldsmith Jewelers is brilliant...I waited about 15 minutes and they were so nice. They didn't try to sell me anything and the pearls are gorgeous. I will definately go back there to buy jewelry in the future! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I went tonight and they were so nice they brought around drinks and candy to eat while we waited. I had to waite about 1 hour but it was SO worth it. I can't believe you can buy a second strand for $20.. AMAZING!!!

Tyler and Shawna said...

If you don't have time to wait and don't need your necklace for Mother's Day Goldsmith Jewelers will give you a raincheck to go back next week and pick up your free necklace. As for running out--they said that even if they do (which they don't think they will) They will be getting more in June and you can redeem your raincheck then.

Keri Glazier said...

I didn't know about the second strand for $20...what a deal!

Anonymous said...

when I went in they said that they wanted a $1,200 commitment to purchase in the next year?

Mitchell Family said...

And I wish I would have known about a nd strand for $20! What a deal!

Mitchell Family said...

Oh wow that's too bad you didn't make it in time to get them for free without a commitment. I haerd they had limited quantities and when they sold out they brought more in, but then made the rule about 1200 commitment? I am not sure when it switched over, but when I went to get my pearls, there was absolutley NO commitment. Did anyone else run into this problem?

Anonymous said...

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