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I heart Sundays!

Sunday, May 3, 2009 |
I LOVE Sundays. I love getting my coupons! If you ever have problems with your papers, (i.e-missing one, missing an insert, didn't arrive) feel free to call the newspaper and let them know. Jut remember they are human too and can make mistakes. They do the best they can. If an insert or coupon ad is missing, just kindly let them know! They are WONDERFUL to work with. I will post their number on the side of my blog today!
Here are some of the coupons I found in today's papers.
One Proctor and Gamble, One Red Plum, One Smart Source!
Honey Ham Coupons
Deseret Book Coupon

Mom and Me at the Zoo next weekend insert!

Michael's Coupons!
Roberts Coupons
Babies R Us and Toys R Us Coupons
Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon
And some additional in-store ad coupons to Albies!
Did I miss any?
Remember that some coupons vary by location and neighborhood! You may have other ones I don't or may not have some that I do. The only ones we SHOULD ALL have are the Smart Source, Proctor and Gamble and Red Plum!


Tiff and Rand said...

Hey Tori! I called the newspaper, like you suggested and they were very good to work with! I had missed 2 papers for 2 weeks, they credited that back to me and made sure that all 4 papers came yesterday. Woohoo! Thanks.

*Still Memories* said...

I have been so excited for Sunday to role around. Since I won't get my paper till next Sunday...I had to go and buy me a few. :) It is actually FUN and something to look forward to. WHO DOESN'T LIKE SAVING MONEY!?

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