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Old Navy Tonight

Thursday, May 7, 2009 |
Don't forget that sometime between tonight and tomorrow morning Old Navy weekly hunt starts! Old Navy also has some new rules for the coupon hunt.

This week at, we’ll have another fabulous coupon to hide, $60 off $100 purchase. We’ll also be releasing the coupons at different times like last week, so more of you have the chance at scoring one of these fabulous offers.
In other exciting news: we’ll be introducing a “retrieve coupon” button that will let you resend a coupon to your inbox if you should lose it!
In order for our new “retrieve coupon” button to track your findings, you’ll be asked to enter your email address when you discover your first coupon. Entering your address reserves your coupon while you hunt for a better one. Each email address will be allowed one coupon per week (this will also give more of you a chance at the $$ coupons)—so make sure you do some serious snooping to find the best deal before hitting “Make Coupon.” Once you’ve clicked the button, that fabulous deal is yours for the week!"

Good Luck! If your up and you find a coupon comment on it's location! I know I'll be up tonight!


Mitchell Family said...

Okay I was just checking and last weeks coupons finally turned off and it said check back soon for new coupouns. It's Game time now!

The Ballows said...

Where do you go for this I'm not sure what your talking about. Can you give me some advice where to go?

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