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Old Navy Weekly

Sunday, June 7, 2009 |

Don't forget that sometime today Old Navy will be refreshing their weekly hunt.

"Alright, it’s time to let your friends in on the fabulous secret that is So this week, in addition to hiding that beloved $75 off $100 coupon again, we’re adding the ability to share a coupon with a friend through Facebook. You can keep one for yourself and share one with a pal each week…so choose wisely and give generously!"

If someone wants to share with me I would be thrilled! LOL

Good Luck! Post as soon as you start finding coupons. If that pesky bird is there again I will be so mad!


Emily said...

I saw the bird last time. What does that mean??

Anonymous said...

How did I get here.

Mitchell Family said...

If you could catch the bird it was the $75 off $100 coupon. You can get there by going to

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