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Weekly Show and Tell

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 |
This weeks show and tell is from Marinda White. I love seeing how much money you guys are saving. It's incredible! I loved Marinda's story after I asked her if I could use her picture. She told me that was great and then told me her husband said to send over the recipet! I love it when husbands get excited to show what their wives are saving. One week my husband was so impressed with my loot he took a picture on his phone and showed all "the guys" at work! It's awesome to have the support and motivation of our families! Great job Marinda!
Spent: $32.96
Saved: $61.19

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Courtnie said...

How can someone send you there show and tell? I'm pretty impressed with myself this week. I spent more than like a $40.00 budget($75.26), but my savings were $196.25! Pretty awesome for me!

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