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Tuesday, August 11, 2009 |
Over the last few week, our readers have brought it to our attention that others in the blogosphere were using some of our posts "word for word" and even using identical blog features and layouts in their own blogs without giving She Shops Smart credit. We actually had no idea, until you let us know about it. Since it has been brought to our attention we have found countless websites that are using this information, which is wonderful. We are so glad that this blog is helping teach people that saving money on groceries is do able, simple and convenient. We were thrilled. The only thing we ask is that if you use our information and ideas that you cite us as your source. We have no problems with people sharing this info, but please let people know where it came from. She Shops Smart blog is copy right protected. We also realize that these "deals" don't belong to us at all, but our words that go with the deals absolutely do! We make our own commentary in our posts, so be sure to delete our words when you copy about a great deal you find here that you want to share with others.

We spend countless hours trying to find good deals, coupons and information we think would help our readers use Grocery Smarts effectively. We always try to post the most accurate information and most of what we do post, are things we have personally made sure are legit. We appreciate all your comments and thanks that you give us for keeping this blog up and running.

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