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Taste Buds

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 |
Emily and I are trying a new post called "Taste Buds"!
Emily and I normally do most of our grocery shopping together! It is so nice to have each other to talk each other into and out of buying things. Our last trip together I kept debating on buying soup for $1.00. Emily asked me if I already had some on hand and I said yes about 6 cans. Then she asked me what was the best price I had gotten it for. I told her FREE. She looked at me and laughed. Needless to say I left it behind. The other reason I think it is fun to have a friend is because lots of times we ask each other, "Have you tired it?", or "Is it good?".
So, we thought we would share are unprofessional opinions on some of the products that go on sale and we think are worth buying or not.
A couple weeks ago we bought the new Nabisco Crackerfuls at Albertsons for .50 a box using the coupon in SS 7/12. They have 2 different flavors, 4 cheese and classic cheddar
We took them home and had our families try them. My 2 year old showed no interest, but he doesn't like cheese. My one year old gobbled them down. My husband prefers peanut butter and crackers, so he wasn't overly impressed. I myself thought they tasted good, but didn't think they tasted any different from other cheese and cracker snacks. I do think they will make great snacks for on the go and they were only .50! I would buy them again, but only if they were .50. I wouldn't pay more than that, because they weren't anything out of the ordinary.


Molly said...

This is a great idea! Are you going to do it with beauty products, laundry stuff, and cleaning supplies too? I've been wondering if that new Tide stain removal stuff is worth the purchase. Have you tried any of them?

Amy said...

This is a great idea!

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