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Is it worth it?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 |

In order to get the maximum savings while coupon shopping, as well as build a food storage we recommend you have a newspaper per person in your home. Yes, even one for babies! When we tell people that the reaction is often- " Is it worth it?" "Do the newspapers coupons savings really outweigh the cost of a subscription?" The answer is YES!

This week Tori and I both had awesome trips to the store! "Vegas weeks", as we like to call them. I got home and added up my savings and found that this week with coupons alone I saved $179.07!

That is just using coupons from that I have received in my newspapers!

With the awesome deals that Grocery Smarts is able to offer you on newspapers, the papers can be paid for with savings in less than ONE trip to the store!

Need a newspaper? Email us at and we would be happy to tell you what the best newspaper deal is for your area!

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