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Freezing Corn Utah

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 |
I mentioned to you yesterday that I was given more fruits and vegetables than I knew what to do with. Instead of being overwhelmed I am taking it one day at a time. Yesterday was corn, today is jam.

I counted over 60 ears of corn that I would need to husk, cut the corn off of, and then seal up.

First all you need to do is husk the corn, then rinse it off to make sure you get all those strings off the corn. You do not need to boil, blanch or cook anything!Then cut the corn off the cob. I started using a paring knife, but had better success with a serrated knife.
I just put mine into a bowl like this one. Then all I did was scoop out 6 one cups of corn into gallon sized freezer bags (the sale at Albertson's last week helped me pick up my Ziploc bags for a great deal!)

About an hour and half later I was done and had to start the clean up process. I did everything outside and would highly recommend that. It did get a little messy, although most of the mess was created by my kids that took advantage of my lack of supervision! Note to self* perform tasks like this while children are sleeping!

After all was said and done I kept asking myself if it had been worth it. I had to remind myself that yes, my time is as important as my money, but it's also good to not have the attitude that I'll just pay the money. It was FREE corn that was given to me. I picked it myself and I knew it was a super healthy option for my family. I also know that times are tough and could get tougher. I am grateful that my family has what we need now, but if something were to happen I would also be grateful that I had taken this time to plan for the worst.


Anonymous said...

He is definitely all boy! I love it!

Mitchell Family said...

Thanks! It is so true!

The American Homemaker said...

So can you freeze it on the cobs without cooking it?

Mitchell Family said...

I didn't freeze it on the cobs, I just cut it off and didn't cook it. You may be able to freeze it on the cob I am not sure?

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