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Freezing/Canning Vegetables for Less

Monday, August 24, 2009 |
Yesterday my family and I spent a wonderful afternoon with my husbands family. My in-laws are super thrifty and all have the green thumb! When we were pulling out from their house I felt like we had been grocery shopping. I had over 40 ears of corn, 10 green peppers, 1 bag of blueberries, 12 quarts of canned green beans (my MIL knew I wouldn't be able to do it by myself).a bag of new potatoes, and a bone-in ham! I am super excited to get it all cleaned, frozen and put away! When you come across food for FREE, you better find a way and a place for it! I am excited to show you how to put things like this away for later. Get ready for some fun posts, and wish me luck!

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