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New Kid on the Block

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 |
WinCo had it's Grand Opening yesterday here in Utah! They have two new locations at:

  • 7020 South 700 West, Midvale
  • 2572 South 5600 West, West Valley City

In my hometown we had a WinCo right down the street and my brother and I would love going to the big bins of bulk food that they had and bagging up the foods we needed: rice, spices, trail mix, candy (I loved pulling out all those vanilla tootsie rolls out of the variety bin. It was the only way I could get exactly what I wanted) etc. so I was excited to hear it was coming to Utah. They have low prices, are clean and are fast at checking out. I remember their pizzas being super good too! WinCo couldn't have opened their doors at a better time with Albertson's getting ready to close theirs. This will be a great thing for the state and us shoppers.

Here are some tips on how to shop Winco:

  • Stores are between 90,000-100,000 sq. ft. with a huge selection of groceries, fresh meat and produce, fresh bakery, gigantic bulk foods and large deli.
  • They are open 24 hours
  • They say they receive daily shipments which is great for those of us who have run into things disappearing of shelves when it is a hot coupon and sale item.
  • They do not have weekly ads. For the next couple weeks we will receive weekly circulars sharing with us what will be on sale, but in the future there will not be weekly ads showing what is on sale that week.
  • WinCo prides itself on having the lowest prices and told me that they do price match competitors ads. Since they do not have their own weekly ads this would allow you to take your grocery smarts lists, coupons and store ads with you, match the ads there and then if you run across any WinCo deals you can buy them! Their produce, bakery and meat department were very clean and nice =) I would feel comfortable buying my weekly meat and produce there each week, and most of you know how picky I am.
  • WinCo does accept coupons; online and manufactures coupons.
  • Be aware that if a coupon doesn't scan in, they will not manually enter it in, so if you are using a light ink setting, change it for your WinCo coupons.
  • They will not accept credit cards. You must use a cash payment or a payment that requires a pin number.
  • You must bag your own groceries.
Now for the fun part. With any "grand opening" comes stellar prices. Pinching Your Pennies had the list of advertised deals here.

I made a run late last night. I heard the morning and afternoon shopping was impossible. People were waiting for parks and even shopping carts. Last night was busy too, but not impossible. The lines moved fast and I was in an out in about 45 min. which I thought was good for learning the aisles of a new store. Here is what I walked away with:

2-12-packs Mtn. Dew 2@ $1.98
2- Capri Sun Fruit Drinks 10-pack 2@ .98
1- Tillamook Medium Cheddar Cheese 32 oz. $3.98 (used $1/1)
2- Bar S Sliced Bacon 2@ .98
1- American Falls Water 24-pack .5 liter $1.98
1- Northern Bath Tissue 12-pack double rolls $2.98( used $1/1)
3- Large Muffins 6 pack 3 @ $1.98
4-Chex Mix, Gardettos, or Bugles 4@ .98 (used .40/1 here and here)
3- Bear Creek Soup Mixes 3 @ $1.98
4- boxes Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal @$2.38 (used 2 $3/1 and 2 $1.50/1 coupons from Vocal Point)
5 lbs rice @ .50lb
3 green peppers @.48
2 red peppers @.48
2 dozen eggs @.88
3 gallons of milk @ $1.48
1 box fruit snacks @ .98 (.40/1)
1 lbs Bananas at .18/lb
1 10lb bag potatoes @.68
1 jar minced garlic @$2.98
1 package of hot dogs @.58
1 package Frigo string cheese @$1.98 (used .40/1 RP8/9)
Total: $40.28
Saved: There is no preferred savings card savings, but I saved $16.20 in coupons


Anonymous said...

I went to WinCo yesterday. It was like shopping the day after Thanksgiving, I loved every second of it! I got a ton of groceries. When my husband saw the spread on the table he about fainted. He guessed I spent close to $400, when I only spent $216, with a total of $56 in coupon savings. It is a far drive for me but I think that I would do it once a month!!!

marcie said...

Did anyone buy any of the Pillsbury Funfetti Cake mixes at Maceys when they were on sale a few weeks ago?? I don't remember exactly how much they were, I'm thinking they were .59 or so because it was their 59th anniversary?? Anyhow, there is a coupon printed on the inside of the box for $1/2 Pillsbury Brownie Mixes. Those same brownie mixes are on sale at Winco for $.68 each right now so with the coupon, they are only $.18 each!

marcie said...

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Winco Coupon Policy? I went today and when I tried to use more than one of the same coupon, it caused such a stir that I'm not even sure I want to ever go back there. As most coupons do, the coupon read "One coupon per purchase". The cashier took that as one coupon per order/transaction and told me I would have to come back and use the rest in separate transactions. I told her that's not what the wording on the coupon meant. Honestly, she was pretty rude. She called over a manager and grumbled under her breath that I had "too many coupons". I kinda chuckled and asked her "Too many? Or just a lot?" She ignored me. While she was waiting for a manager, she rang up three other orders. It took forever. When the manager came over, she was no better and agreed with the cashier. I tried, again, to explain what the coupon means and finally, they did it for me but they made me feel like I'd done something wrong when I knew darn well I hadn't, and said they'd do it "just this once". I don't know if they are all just new and don't know what's going on or what, but I sure as heck am frustrated. I had been there on opening day and then again a few days later and had great experiences both times. I also know that during those 2 times the cashiers that were running the registers had been flown in from out of state for the opening. It shouldn't have to be so difficult. So, if anyone out there has a policy, or a corporate address/phone/email and I'll contact them myself, I'd sure appreciate it!

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