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The Results are In....

Thursday, October 22, 2009 |
Last week we asked you what day the majority of you grocery shop and the results are in:

  • 12% of you shop on Monday
  • 9% of you shop on Tuesday
  • 55% of you shop on Wednesday
  • 14% of shop on Thursday
  • 9% of you shop on Friday
  • 12% of you shop on Saturday
  • 7% of you shop on Sunday

Well you did it again Smart Shoppers. Wednesday is said to be the best day to do your shopping and the majority of you are shopping on Wednesdays. In my own experience these are what I have observed in shopping on various days:

Tuesdays: Tuesdays are the days people are most likely to eat out for the week, so many people are running in to the grocery store to pick up a healthy dinner they can prepare at home. This made the lines and check out time a lot longer. It's also the last day of the sale so many times the shelves have been cleared of any item I am looking for. I try to avoid Tuesday's but on occasions I find myself procrastinating getting to the sale and then when I shop I am kicking myself for waiting until the last minute.

Wednesdays: I myself have found Wednesday's to be the optimal shopping day. It is the day the new ad starts so my shelves are stocked up and ready to go. I rarely find an item I am looking for not available. I also have found that it is the day I run into a lot of my coupon friends! It seems like we are the only ones in the store that day. I often times find the best parks on Wednesdays too =)

Thursdays: I once asked my store what day they thought was best for shopping and they told me Thursday. I thought I would give it a try. I did find that the store was well stocked and that a lot of things were marked down such as meat, bakery items and produce for a great price. The only problem I found was that there seemed to be half as many employees! It seemed like everyone was moving so slow. Maybe because Friday was right around the corner, but checkout seemed to take an extremely long time.

Saturdays: I quickly learned that Saturday late afternoon/ early evening was the worst day to do my shopping with our without coupons. It seems like everyone goes to do a HUGE shopping trip for the week on Saturday. It seems like everyone is there with their entire family and the store quickly turns into a zoo, with my own children being no exception to the rule! Saturday's you wait in line for over an hour with peoples heaping carts in front of you. It use to be the last thing I noticed when I walked in so I would go and do all my shopping and then get up to the check out line to realize it was going to be as long checking out as it took me to actually gather everything into my own cart. Now when I walk into a store I check out the lines first and then decide whether it is worth it or not.

Thank you for everyone who voted in this poll! It is fun to see what the majority of you are doing to achieve the most success at the grocery store! Be on the lookout for this weeks poll in a few hours!

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