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New Poll

Thursday, October 22, 2009 |
Be sure to vote in this weeks poll!

Do you take your kids to the grocery store when you are using coupons?


The Brannams said...

sometimes yes. i have two, but it makes it difficult, i have my 2 year old in the front of the cart (unless we get the pink car at albies) and my 2 month old in his infant seat in the basket, so with the seperate trans, and takin it to the car and goin back in to do more works out ok though... but when it comes to big time shoppin, i go late at night when my hubby gets home, to watch the kids. so much easier!!..

Anonymous said...

I lied on the poll. I do take 1 kid, but I will not take more than that EVER AGAIN.

Hyrum and Elsie said...

yes I have and it's a total nightmare! they're always all over the place and they always want EVERYTHING!!

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