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Swag Bucks Excitement

Friday, February 19, 2010 |

Search & Win

We have some EXCITING Swag Buck news to share with next week during Swag Bucks 2nd Birthday Celebration. If you haven't already created a Swag Bucks account WAIT until we give you the okay! We can't wait for the big day!
In the meantime we wanted to give you an update on how our SwagBucks have been adding up and how much closer we are to $1,000 in Southwest Airline gift cards.
  • Goal $1000.00 in Southwest Airline Gift Cards
  • We will need 20 $50 Gift Cards to Accomplish this goal
  • Each $50 to Southwest cost us 570 Swag Bucks
  • We added 337 Swag Bucks to our account this week. We need 570 Swag Bucks to purchase another gift card so we still need 13 more gift cards.
Next week we will reveal our EXCITING news, so be on the lookout.

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