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Easters on its way....

Monday, March 29, 2010 |

Good Monday Morning everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I enjoyed it! I love that the we have been able to enjoy a little bit of warm spring weather! With Easter Sunday quickly approaching here are a few coupons you may want to use if you haven't picked up Easter outfits for your little chicks, or the items to put in the baskets.

When I first started using coupons I had no idea what kind of a world I was getting into.-lol Now I use coupons for EVERYTHING. It seems odd to me if I get to a checkout register at a store and DON'T have a coupon to use. :) I haven't found an Easter outfit for my little guy yet. (I honestly just kinda spaced it, and now its not even a full week away- oopps) So, here are some coupons I found I will be taking with me when I head out for a little shopping later today to try and find something handsome for him to wear.

Here is a 20% off any $50 (or more) Printable Coupon
There is also another one you can use if your total will be less than $50
Here is a $10 off Printable Coupon. (Valid March 1-31)

If you join their "club" they email you coupons. You can sign up by going to their site. Its super easy. There currently is a $10 off Printable but the link is not working for me to share it with you. Sign up yourself or do a google search for it.

There is a 20% off coupon inside the March issue of "Parenting Early Years" Magazine
It is valid in Store or online thru March 31st.

After I find an out fit for him, I also have to pick up the candy to fill the Easter eggs and basket with. Of course, I will be using coupons for these things as well.

% off coupon from the newspaper
I plan on using this one to buy a new package of plastic eggs.

You can request 40% off any one item at any time. You simple ask the sales clerk as they are ringing your items up. - Keep in mind if you go there to pick up a new basket or Easter decor.

The grocery store is next door to the craft store, so I will hop over there to pick up some candy after that. I will round up the coupons to use on candy and post them in a bit. Its time to make some breakfast before I start thinking about candy.

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