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Recipes Using Sale Items- Avocados

Saturday, April 24, 2010 |

7 Layer Bean Dip

There was not really anything that caught my eye for serious stocking up on when I shop this week. This means that I will just be picking up the "this and that" we will need to create meals next week from the other things we have on hand. 

The one thing I did notice however was avocados are on SALE at smiths. What does this mean? Guacamole for cheap- and using it in a 7 layer bean dip! If you happen to be one of those people (like my husband) who thinks avocado is gross, this post is not for you, as I could not more strongly disagree! =) So, avocados on sale means making some guacamole for the freezer. Avocados do not freeze well whole, or cut into pieces. However if you mash them and add some lemon juice (so the acidity can keep the  mash does from turning a 
unappetizing grey color) they will freeze great. 

Directions to freeze for later use:
Using a fork mash the avocados well. Transfer them into a freezer bag and seal tightly, leaving just a little air space for frozen fruit to expand. It is best to use within 3-4 months.
When your ready for your mashed avocado, allow it to defrost overnight in the fridge. Then use it as usualy in dips or as a sandwich spread. 

For a really quick guacamole I will mix a few tablespoons of salsa in. With summer on the way I know we will be having at least one BBQ or party of some sort to attend and this makes for an easy appetizer -at a great price.

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Robyn B. said...

Great to know! I'm new at this and way excited! Thank you so much for everything!!!

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