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spare time on a saturday, mixes with craft store coupons.

Saturday, April 24, 2010 |

It has become a bit of a joke between Tori and I that everything we do is based around a deal or a coupon. Yes, there are times we pay full price but we do love a good deal whenever and where ever possible. This has crossed over to cover many different areas of my life besides grocery shopping. 

I am not totally sure what caused this need to craft ,well it actually may have just been the coupons Tori posted yesterday for Roberts and Tai Pan, but whatever caused it, my weekend plans are now going to involve some sort of creating probably using a glue gun (and due to the coupons some shopping as well :) ). 

By using coupons it has, trips to craft and fabric stores much less pricey, as well as date nights more affordable, and many many many other things that have been fun for my family. Using coupons this weekend my family will probably go out for a meal, and I will work on the craft. 
Has your coupon use trickled into other parts of life or had an impact on other areas besides your grocery budget? If so tell us about it! Where else are you saving, or what have you done with the money your coupon shopping has saved you? 


Jenny said...

it's funny that's where most of my coupon usage was at first--Roberts, dining, etc. I have had an accordion file for coupons for entertainment/food/JCPenney photo studio for a long time now. Then I learned all about how to use those same skills at the grocery store. So since I already loved getting a deal on stuff like this I very quickly came to love the saving I could get on groceries as well! Now I have a binder for all the grocery coupons LOL.

Shannon said...

I love to use coupons for clothes shopping. I used the Aero deal posted yesterday and I always make good use of my Kohl's coupons.

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