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Black Friday in June?!?! Double Coupons in Utah

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 |
This is the picture I snapped at 6:47am this morning when I pulled up to my nearby Smith's. My mouth almost hit the steering wheel. There were tons of couponers just waiting for the doors to open at 7am. I had my two little ones with me and I was one of the few that had their kids with them. These couponers were serious and they were making game plans!?!? There were a couple groups there that had one person run to the paper towels, another to the Totinos Pizza rolls, and another to the Dawn dish soap. I didn't end up with any of these items in my cart. I instantly had flashbacks to my past Black Friday experiences.

I still can't decide when coupons became such a "big" thing. Did it happen because the economy is in such bad shape and people are out of jobs? Did it happen because it's fun to save money? Or is this just something we experience here in Utah?

There were a couple things I noticed while I was navigating the sea of shopping carts.

  • 90% of shoppers were using binders. It made me wonder how many of our readers have started using the binder method?

  • A lot of couponers there were buying items that really weren't that good of a deal. Remember, there is a right time and a wrong time to use a coupon. It's good to be selective. Don't just head out to Smith's today and use every coupon under $1.00. For example Cascade dish washing tablets even with a doubled coupon this week really isn't that great of a deal. I pick up my Electrosal Dish washing tablets for .50.

  • Quite a few men are couponing, I was surprised to see so many men walking around with fistfuls of coupons. Do any of your husbands do the shopping for you? I still can't get my husband to hand over the coupons when we checkout. What am I talking about. My husband doesn't even go to the grocery store with me.

  • The manager at my Smith's was really good about trying to figure out what they ran out of and what items they needed to order more of so everyone can get some great deals. The Mega Coupon event lasts a week, so hopefully everyone gets what they have their eye on.

  • Couponers are for the most part pretty courtesy and friendly. Good job guys! It makes the couponing experience so much more enjoyable when are cordial toward one another.

What observations did you make during the Mega Coupon Event this week?


Nicole said...

Just wanted to comment on the binder method.... I switched to a binder about 6 months ago, and I definitely love it. (Okay, it's a love/hate relationship until those coupons are all cut, sorted and tucked in place, lol.) I think the clipless method is the best way to learn the ropes of couponing, but ultimately, you can score better deals and head out the door in a hurry with a binder. I know you two were going to do a comparison/review of the 2 methods. Is that still in the works or did I miss it?

Mitchell Family said...

We did finish that series up a few months ago and we agree 100% with you. The file folder method is a great way to get your feet wet and then if you enjoy it and have time for it the binder method is perfect. Thanks for the comment! tori and emily

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