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My Shop and Tell

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 |

I hit the Smiths Mega Sale this morning bright and early just like Tori did. However, we seem to have had very different shopping experiences! The store I went to only had a couple of coupon shoppers out. There was no racing to grab items, or finding empty shelves. As I was doing my shopping there were even employees unloading boxes of sale items to make sure the shelves were very heavily stocked. I was super picky about what I bought today. Before shopping I really went through the pantry deciding what items I wanted to stock up on. I left lots of things that were great prices behind due because I did not have online
coupons with me. ( my printer is broken! :( ... )
So, I may have to make another little run when I have that situation solved.
Below is a picture of what came home with me.
7 bottles of mustard, 3 dawn dish soaps, 2 softsoaps, 4 can mandarin oranges, 2 bottles of ketchup, 5 rolls of Bounty Paper Towels, 4 pkgs Carefree Pads, 3 pkgs Huggies Wipes.
A carton of Egglands Best Eggs, and a bag of Red Seedless grapes also came home but are not pictured. My total for this shopping trip came to 66.38 BEFORE coupons and sale prices.
After COUPONS and sale prices
I SPENT $25.84
Thats a 61% savings! Sweet!
Where are you planning to shop this week? Lets see a picture of your groceries! :)


Anonymous said...

we bought the same things! lol!

Anonymous said...

There was a huge line of people at the door when I got to Smiths. By the time I went to get anything on my list it was gone (except the tostino pizza rolls). The lady that was the cashier was so upset with all the couponers. I ended up spendind $30 more than budgeted and then noticed that a lot of my coupons didn't go through. I was a little upset.

Emily said...

So sorry to hear it didn't go well for you! Keep in mind that stores restock during the sale week. You can call the stores near your home and ask what days they do that (restock- have new deliveries) and that way you dont have to fight the crowd on the first day of the sales. Hope this helps!

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