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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 |
In a couple weeks I will be moving and one thing I am very excited about is that there will be a Rite Aid near me. For years I have watched people get amazing deals at Rite Aid and now I finally can too!
Since I haven't been able to shop at Rite Aid I had to find out some details about how it works from Cassie at the Thrifty Couple and the first step is to sign up for the Wellness Program. When you sign up you'll have access to:
  • Awesome coupons! Including a $5/25 coupon! These will start coming immediately! The e-mail I recieved had over $50 in coupons!
  • Rite Aid has a new program called +UP Rewards. When you present your card at checkout coupons to use on your next transaction will print at the bottom of your receipt.
  • There will be exclusive coupons to those who sign up for the Wellness + Program!
  • Some sale items only are on sale if you use your rewards card!
As soon as you sign up they will e-mail you a temporary card you can print off until your real card arrives in the mail.

A big thanks to The Thrifty Couple for helping me learn the ins and outs of Rite Aid's new Wellness Program!

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