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Newspaper Deals for the Coupons

Sunday, February 15, 2009 |

Alright if you haven't already figured out to get Shop and Tells like we are, you need a Sunday newspaper for every person in your home. Everything else you need to make this work is FREE.

Through Grocery Smarts we are able to offer you the LOWEST price on a subscription to Sundays only paper possible! It is super inexpensive to order multiple copies of just Sundays paper which is the only day you get coupons in the paper.
We do not work for the papers, but have just worked out a deal with them to be able to sell the papers at the best available rate.

There is nothing else you need to get started on saving big like this. Grocery Smarts lists are FREE, the classes are FREE and so is our blog.

Because there are so many newspapers in the state of Utah and each area has different options it would be confusing to post all the prices here, but the paper will end up costing you less than $1.00 and you know you are getting the best rate possible and also supporting the lists and website your are already using each week.
By getting a paper subscription there are 8 benefits
  • You don't have to get out of bed at 7am to run down to the gas station to make sure you'll get your papers
  • If you get your paper at the gas station and the inserts are missing, most times it because someone took them, there is nothing to do. It's sad but a reality.
  • The newspaper companies are not subject to giving the same coupons to the gas station as they are to subscribers.
  • If an insert is ever missing out of a paper (it happened to me for the first time last week) and you are a subscriber, just call the paper and let them know. Monday they brought me my missing RPs.
  • When you go on vacation you can put your subscription on hold so you aren’t missing any coupons
  • It helps keep Grocery Smarts lists and classes stay FREE
  • It's cheaper to get a subscription than it is to buy the papers individually each week.Through Grocery Smarts we can get you the paper for less than a $1.00.
  • It helps the newspapers stay a float in a struggling economy

To start delivery of your papers right away e-mail us at We place our orders on Fridays! Be sure to tell us where you live and if you are currently a subscriber to a paper.

* Note-You cannot call the newspaper yourself and request this deal. You will need to e-mail us so we can help you get your order placed

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