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Sunday, February 15, 2009 |
Welcome to Couponing for Autism and Healthy Families! We love getting great deals, shopping smart, and taking care of our families! Couponing for Autism and Healthy Families began as a small blog, She Shops Smart in February of 2009. A little more than a year later, after personal dreams and circumstances changed, the name was changed. Our goal with our new name is to show families how by using coupons you can afford anything you set your mind to.

Meet the Authors:

My name is Tori. With the news of my son being diagnosed with Autism in 2010 I quickly found that there was going to be so much to learn and do in order to help him. This spurred new goals for me, which included further coupon use in order to afford the costly treatments ($1800 A MONTH!) that insurance would not cover, as well as much research on the topic. It became clear to me that there are many others out that looking for information that I am was looking for too and I wants to share what I finds in hopes that others can benefit as well. -Tori

My name is Emily! I have always had a serious interest in saving money, nutritious eating, and healthy living. Many times I found that coupons seemed to be used to purchase processed and junk foods and this is not what I wanted to focus on purchasing when there are coupons available for all different kinds of products. I really enjoy finding coupons and ways to save money on the "nutritious stuff" and preparing meals that I know are good for my family. I believe that healthy living includes much more than just a good meal which is why I love finding ways and tricks to save and have fun in many other areas as well. -Emily

We have found that there are so many families that equally share the desire to save money, and provide health meals and activities for their families. Due to that, we are here to share what we know and what we find. We hope you enjoy the ride as we continue sharing our "couponing" journey.

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