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How far is too far?

Thursday, July 30, 2009 |

"An Orem woman has been cited after going too far to get grocery store coupons.
Police were called to approximately 300 West and 100 South in Orem after a woman was seen going through various mailboxes.
A witness wrote down the woman's license plate and called police. Officers tracked it to a 28-year-old.
At her home, police say they found she had a large stack of ads and coupons along with mail from various locations.
The woman told police she was after the Albertsons double coupon ads.
She was cited for theft."
To read this article on KSL click here.

My dad called to tell me about this article this afternoon and it made my day. I honestly thought he was playing a joke on me. He then began reading some of the comments on the message board to me which were so fun to read. I love it when people think coupon usage is a waste of time. If they only knew! The other thing I thought was that yes, coupons are super valuable, but remember there can be a point where it goes too far. There are always consequences to our actions and I promise that you can still save 50-70% on your grocery bills without taking, photocopying or using expired coupons.

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