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Target Toys 75% OFF!

Thursday, July 30, 2009 |
I need to stick with my gut more often! I had a feeling the toys would go 75% off last night and I should have prepared better. I didn't make it there until closer to 1pm, but I still ended up with a few things. The shelves were pretty much wiped clean and my heart sunk as I saw families carrying out 3-4 carts full of toys!
I Spent $91.75
I Saved $289.88
That is a 76% savings
I have all my baby's b-day present for this weekend and some of our Christmas shopping put away!

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Alicia said...

Sorry to hear that. After your earlier post I was excited but was babysitting in the am so had to wait until 4 but I did really well
(I am in Texas). Thanks so much for the headsup it is going to make this Christmas a good one.

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