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Thursday, July 30, 2009 |
Do you have to use rebates to get 50-70% off your grocery bills? Absolutely not. Rebates are just another way of maximizing those coupons and taking your savings to 80-90%. I myself don't participate in rebates a ton, but if you are willing to do rebates there are many free things and even money makers to be had. Here are a couple tips I have found that have helped me keep my rebate savings organized.
  • Follow the rebate instructions exactly!
  • If you are going to buy it later, but there is a rebate for it now- BUY IT. I am still kicking myself for not going to Staples last week and getting my FREE backpack after the rebate. I could have used a backpack for my 72-hr kits, to keep emergency things in my car, or even to give away as a gift!
  • Rebates are before coupons! So, if there is a rebate at the grocery store and you have coupons for the items participating in the rebate- PARTICIPATE. The Fuel for School rebate is a great example of making money on a rebate!
  • Request a duplicate receipt. Almost every rebate I have ever sent in requires that I submit the original sales receipt. I hate sending my receipt away, just to never see it again, so at the register I request a duplicate receipt. I send the original away and keep the duplicate for my records.
  • As soon as you get the receipt for the rebate, mail it out! If I don't mail my rebate out with in a couple days of buying the item I end up forgetting about the rebate and when I do remember I find myself searching for the receipt in my purses, cars and file folders. As soon as you get home, sit down, fill out the rebate and mail it off. Yesterday I sat down and mailed out the rebates that I have participated in recently. It is the best feeling to get those babies in the mail. So, take this as a friendly reminder, if you have any pending rebates, submit them TODAY!

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Anonymous said...

Hi I got today my check for the rebate of krat food for $ 20.00 very happy !!!

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