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Target Toy Clearance

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 |
I have been obsessing over getting my toys for Christmas on clearance at Target for 75% off. In July they mark their toys down to that price to start bringing in the toys for CHRISTMAS! Last year by time I made it there EVERYTHING was gone, so I've been paranoid about missing it this year. We went to Idaho this weekend and 2 times during our trip I ran in to see if there toys were marked down. They barley had anything left and they were only 30% off.
Tonight I ran into the Orem Target and they had TONS of toys, but all the signs still said 30% off. However, I was there super close to closing and a lot of workers were in the department moving things around. I have a feeling tomorrow they are going to be marked down further! Lets just keep each other updated and if anyone goes in tomorrow let us know! I am obsessed with making sure I hit this sale. I mean seriously though, if you could get all your Christmas gifts for 50% off or 75% off that would be AMAZING and a She Shops Smart steal!


Brittany said...



Emily Crawford said...

I went to Target this morning toys are 75 percent off!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hint I made out like a bandit, I now have several birthdays, some of christmas and birthday party gifts, so so fun.

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