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The 10 Item Mega Event Continues

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 |
The new Smith's list is up and the 10 Item Mega Event is continuing! In case there was something you wished you would have picked up, you have a second chance! I know there are a couple things on my list to go and get more of. Be sure to check out the list here! There are some new produce and meat items on sale too. Be sure to check out my unadvertised Mega Sale items here in the post I did from last week!


dnafamily said...

Yea I went early this morning to get formula for my twins since I relized I as all out before my hubby had to run to work and I was amaze at the deals they still have!

Robyn said...

Tori, do you know if you have to do separate transactions for each group of 10 items? Or, can I just ring them all up and still get the $5 off? (ie: if I buy 40 different items I will end up getting $20 off, or do I need to do 4 separate transactions?) Thanks! I'm excited it got extended, I didn't make it over last week and I wanted some gloves and deodorant! Yea!

Robyn said...

@dnafamily: call the formula company and tell them that you have twins--a lot of places will give you free coupons and such for multiples. Also, as about a twin/multiple discount at places like babies r us, burlington, etc. They will usually give you some sort of discount when you are buying two identical items at the same time. The policies vary, so you will just have to ask to find out what each store offers. (Sorry, my twins are 4, so I don't remember the details.)

Robyn said...

Just FYI for anyone...the Smith's in Orem only let you do 40 items per transaction. Keep that in mind when organizing your coupons. :-)

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