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7 Swag Bucks Tips

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 |
Search & Win
Okay, so how is everyone doing with Swag Bucks? Maybe you have 5, 10, or even 40 Swag bucks by now! I just redeemed some of mine for an i-tunes gift card, but I currently have 196 swag bucks in my account. I am convinced to save up enough for airline tickets this time a round. I am going to share with you my tips on how I earn and find Swag Bucks, so right before Christmas you will have enough bucks to redeem for a cool prize!

Tip #1

You have to use Swag Bucks search engine consistently. Before using Swag Bucks I used Google Search habitually. It took me a while to remember to use Swag Bucks search engine, but it has paid off tremendously. A great way to remember to use Swag Bucks is to make Swag Bucks your home page or download the Swag Bucks toolbar. The tool bar is my best friend and is how I earn the majority of my Swag Bucks.

Tip #2
Remember to perform searches! The more searching I do, the more profitable my bucks are. I am earning at least 5 Swag Bucks a day now, but I do at least three searches a day. One in the morning, afternoon and before I go to bed.

Tip #3
If you are making an online purchase, check to see if the store you are buying from is in Swag Bucks Shop and Earn section. For every $5 you spend you earn 1 Swag Buck! When I bought our Halloween costumes online I earned Swag Bucks for it.

Tip #4
Stay up to date with Swag Bucks blog, Face book and other social networks. A lot of times people share the codes they find and other winning tips! Once you download the toolbar I shared with you in Tip #1 you can access all those places from there, so it only takes a second to see what codes are out there! Codes are free Swag Bucks just waiting to be earned so always be on the lookout for Swag Codes!

Tip #5
Trade in your old cell phones. I have to admit I haven't done this yet, but I just went to check and I had 6, yes 6 old cell phones laying around our house. I checked to see how many Swag Bucks each one was and I have a total of up to 112 Swag Bucks worth of old phones. I am going to send them in this week and I will let you know how many points I get for each one. The best part is, that Swag Bucks even pays for the shipping!

Tip #6
Friday's are Mega Swag Bucks day, so be sure to do some extra searching. We will do a reminder post each week, so you don't miss out!

Tip #7 Tell your friends about Swag Bucks! When a friend signs up under you, you make their first 100 Swag Bucks as well!

The best advice we can give is to be consistent and make Swag Bucks your new search tool. You are already using an online search tool, so you mine as well be using one that pays you for what you are already doing! Stick with it, I promise you it will pay off. It seems slow when you first start off, but eventually you'll have an account full of Swag Bucks! Good Luck and let us know how many Swag Bucks you start earning! Have no idea what Swag Bucks is? Be sure to check out our post here for how to get started.

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Anonymous said...

I have 38 Swagbucks and started using it when I first saw your post a few weeks ago. I looked into trading my cellphone in and it said I could only receive 1 Swagbuck so I thought it wasn't worth my time. I do between 5 to 10 searches a day (I too downloaded the toolbar and made swagbucks my homepage) and on average I earn about 2 swagbucks in one day. Hopefully I can get enough to buy the Target Giftcard by Christmas time, but at this rate I am scared it isn't going to happen! Thanks for letting us know about this website though, and I will definitely try the tips you just posted. :)

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