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Another.....New Kid on the Block

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 |

Albertson's officially made the switch over to Fresh Market. Fresh Market is an Associated Foods Store, but they have their own unique ads each week. This week in my mail I received a one page advertisement with various prices. I wandered over to the store by me to check out the change. I was told that stores have 6 months to make sure all Albertson's logos and signs are switched to the new store logo. They are just going to send out small ads for these first couple weeks and then they will start regular full ads in the coming weeks. They are not expected to have their GRAND opening until closer to January or December. They are not wanting to interfere with holiday shopping.

Right now if you bring in your old Albertson's Preferred Savings card, they will exchange it for a FREE 5lb bag of sugar! Fresh Market is taking pride in keeping the prices on the shelf's as the price when you check out. You will not need to be a preferred member to get the lowest prices.

I am excited to see how their prices compare to the other stores we all like to shop at!

Here are this weeks weekly deals:
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.29/lb
Boneless Pork Loin Roast $1.79/lb
Large Fuji, Gala or Jonagold Apples .59/lb
Mini Carrots 1lb bag .79
Coke products 2liter .79
Home Pride Bread, white or wheat 3 for $5
Western Family Corn, Green Beans or Peas 11-15.25oz cans .48
General Mills Cereal, select varieties $1.88
Gain Detergent 50oz $5.88
Rice or Pasta Roni .88
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice or Cocktail 3 liter bottle $2.98
Banquet Dinners 5-10.25oz .88
Stouffer’s Family Size 57oz Chicken Enchiladas or 90-96oz Lasagna, $9.88
Chocolate Chip Cookies 13ct Buy one Get one Free
Fried 10pc dark meat or Baked Chicken $4.50
Bounty of Charmin Basics Paper Towels 8 rolls $5.88
Bounty of Charmin Basics Bath Tissue 12 rolls $5.88
Thanks to PYP for typing up this weeks ad!

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