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Wednesday, January 6, 2010 |
Last night as my husband and I kicked off the season premier of the Biggest Loser together, (I can't believe this is the first season I have watched. I must of teared up at least half a dozen times.), they mentioned how much better filtering your water can be. In fact better than bottles of water. Each year I waste a ton of money on bottled water, and that doesn't even include how bad plastic bottles are for our environment. I decided to take the plunge and buy a Brita filtering system. If you take the pledge to not use water bottles you can print off a $5 off coupon for any Brita system. As soon as I find the best place to use it I will let you know. It appears to be at Lowes, but I'll check later tonight!


Vinyl Expressions said...

It is at Lowes I got one today. It is the 5 cup one and it is on sale for 8. It is also 9 at walmart.

Mitchell Family said...

Great! That what I thought too! So, it ends up only costing $3!

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