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The Grocery Smarts Lists are Up

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 |

Just a reminder that many grocery stores sales refresh on Wednesday. Be sure to check them out and figure out where you are going to shop this week. Like I said earlier the sales have been some what slow, but I can see this week they are picking back up. I am not sure where I will be shopping yet; decisions, decisions. Where will you be shopping this week after looking at the lists?

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Shannon said...

FYI- I stopped at Smith's today to pick up Hunts spaghetti sauce. None of their stores "in the area" (I live in Provo and I don't know what "area" entails) received their shipments of that particular product. The manager at the store in Provo said they will be honoring the sale price for an extra week since they didn't have it in-store today.

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