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Making Signing up for Freebies Easier

Thursday, January 7, 2010 |
Do you ever get tired of typing your information in a hundred times a day to print off coupons, sign up for free samples, and make online purchases? One thing that I found made the process lightning fast was to use the auto fill feature on my google toolbar. I am sure auto fill feature is available on many other toolbars as well. By typing your information into auto fill, almost every time there are "fields" that ask for your personal information you can just press auto fill and it will fill in the fields with your information.

Another tip* Nobody wants their e-mails flooded with offers from every company we sign up to request freebies from. Create a junk e-mail address that you only check occasionally. A great way to help me remember my junk e-mail address is to make it obvious, Obvious huh!

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