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Open Your Quaker Boxes- Coupons Inside the Hazelnut Latte Boxes

Saturday, April 17, 2010 |

When I went to Smith's on Wednesday I had coupon for $1/1 Quaker True Delights oatmeal. The only flavor they had left was Hazelnut Latte. A girl next to me was loading up on them and I asked her if she tried them and she said she had. I asked her if they tasted like coffee and she said they didn't. So I bought 4 of them. This morning I went to make some and they DO taste and smell like coffee (just saying), but my little boy said look! And guess what he pulled out some great Quaker coupons! So be sure to open up your Hazelnut Latte boxes and grab out your coupons! They were in all 4 of my boxes!

My box had coupons for

  • $1/2 Boxes of Life Cereal
  • .75/1 Box of Quaker Oatmeal
  • .75/1 Quaker Rice Cake Product
  • .75/1 Quaker True Delights Bars
  • .50/1 Quaker Grits
  • $1/1 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
  • .55/1 Quaker Oatmeal to go bars
  • The coupons all expire 12/13/10

Buy 2 Boxes of Life Cereal
Buy 3 boxes of Oatmeal
Final Price $10
- $5 for buying 5 in one transaction
-Use $1/2 for Life Cereals
- Use (3) .75/1 Oatmeal coupons for a total of $2.25 off for Oatmeal

Final Cost: $1.75 or .35 for each item!
On a side note, does anyone want these opened boxes of oatmeal that aren't going to get used because they DO taste like coffee?


stewbert said...

Ours didn't even have any of the True Delights. I was bummed.

As to whether I want them or not, do they have coffee IN them? because we love the taste of coffee but don't want the actual stuff. lol

Nielsen Family said...

Mine had them in the cinnamon and spice boxes so I think it might be randomly put in different flavors of boxes.

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