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Sunflower Market 4/14-4/20

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 |
I cant believe its already Wednesday! This week is flying by. Wednesday means that it is Double Ad day at Sunflower market. Remember both ads are honored TODAY only. Then it goes to the new weeks ad only.  It looks like there are some great prices on produce there this week.

From the new ad:

red seedless grapes, .97/lb (*****)
cauliflower, .88 ea
broccoli, .88/lb (****)
Hass avocados, .88 ea (****)
red or green leaf lettuce, .88 ea (*****)
celery or hothouse cucumbers, .88 ea
navel oranges, .50/lb (****)
champagne mangos, .50 ea (****)
strawberries 1lb, 2.00
blackberries 5.6oz, 2.00
kiwi fruit, .25 ea
cantaloupe, honeydew or mini seedless watermelons, 2.00 ea
grape tomatoes 10oz, 2.00
lemons, .33 ea
extra-large peeled and deveined raw shrimp, 4.97/lb
85% lean ground beef, 1.97/lb
So Delicious coconut milk 64oz, 2.99
Use: SO Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage, Half Gallon $1/1 (active) Group A-03/03
         Final: 1.99 (****)

Organic produce:
strawberries 8oz, 2.00
green caggabe, .99/lb (****)
russet potatoes 5lb bag, 2.50 (****)
jewel or garnet yams, .99/lb (****)
celery hearts 2pk, 2.00
carrots 2lb bag, 2.00 (****)

From the previous ad (prices good WED only):

golden pineapple, 2.00 ea
blackberries 5.6oz, 2.00
strawberries 1lb, .97 (*****)
iceberg or romaine lettuce, .88 ea (****)
cherry tomatoes 20oz, 2.00
romaine hearts 3pk, 2.00
Italian, yellow or Mexican grey squash, .88/lb
super select cucumbers, .50 ea (****)
red potatoes, .50/lb
braeburn apples, .88/lb (****)
collard, mustard or turnip greens, .88 ea
red or green seedless grapes, 1.99/lb
all-natural pork baby back ribs, 2.97/lb
Sunflower Farmers Market drinking water 24ct, 3.33
Mountain High yogurt 32oz, 1.99 (****)
all-natural beef T-bone steak, 4.97/lb

Organic produce:
hothouse tomatoes, 1.99/lb
celery, 1.50
fresh anise (fennel), 1.99 ea
Hass avocados, .99 ea (****)
champagne mangos, .99 ea
apples (red or golden delicious or granny smith), 1.49/lb (****)
red, green or rainbow chard, 1.50

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