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Binder vs. Coupon File

Thursday, August 20, 2009 |
The other night I ran into Macey's to grab my .77 Lysol wipes and FREE dental floss. I hardly ever run into multiple stores, but .77 for Lysol wipes was too good to pass up.
While I was in there I ran into a couple girls from a previous class! It was fun to see them there with their lists learning how to save money at the grocery store.
The one girl instantly noticed that I had something unusual with me "A BINDER". I quickly explained that I wasn't using it put rather the plastic sleeve inside it with my pre-cut coupons. To see how we organize our coupons without using the clip and file binder method click here.
Over the last few weeks we have been getting lots of e-mails about wanting to know the difference between our method and the binder method. We honestly couldn't tell you because we had never used the binder method ourselves. We really wanted to tell you and researched it a little and found many girls on other blogs and websites that were using binders, but nothing about the pros and cons to each method, so here we go....
I can't believe we are going to try this but I am going to try the binder method out for a while to see how I like it. In the meantime Emily is going to stick with our trusty file folder method. We both shop together so it will be interesting and obvious to see the differences. As we start shopping we will let you know what differences we can see!
Wish me luck! I spent over 6 hours yesterday clipping coupons for my binder. I know it took longer because I have over a years worth of coupons, but wow my back still hurts from sitting all day clipping.


Anonymous said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the Binder method. I've tried both ways. Honestly, I love the binder only because of the times when you go to the store and they are out of what you need in order to get up to your 25 dollars or whatever amount to get your deal. It's nice because I already have alternate coupons with me. This still makes it a good deal. I HATED it when I couldn't get the deal because I didn't have the coupon or I had to spend more than I was planning because I substituted it for something else that I didn't have a coupon for. However, I hate the binder method because it takes a ton of work... with that said, I appreciate not being stressed when shopping.

The Ballows said...

Hi Tory I have been doing the binder with the pouches and I have been doing it for the past 6 months and I love it. We found that when we went to the stores we would find things that were on sale and didn't have the coupons so I decided to give it a try it took me about a week everynight after work to cut them out but I did it and I have really enjoyed it. I take it everywhere with me. Let us know how you like it. Thanks for all your time that you put into this blog. Thanks again. Ronda Ballow

DBA said...

I find that I like the binder(alphabetized) method better because then I know what coupons I have. If I have to run to the store for a random item, I will always check to see if I have a coupon first. And it really only takes me about 30 minutes a week to organize all my coupons. I just pick a movie or show to watch while the kids are napping. :)

Alicia said...

I use a binder one thing I like is that when I am in a store and there is a clearance item I have coupon right there with me. I hate it when I am somewhere and there are items on clearence that I know I have coupons for but they are at home. The weekly clipping will get better. I am very interested in following this tread.

Catherine said...

I'm glad you're trying this method! I've done something similar to the binder and it did take a lot of work. But when you're at a store and find some clearance items, you can pick up some incredible deals! I'm curious as to what you find.... Thanks for sharing your insights!

Lily said...

So I'm now debating about whether to stick with the folder file method (which has brought me lots of savings!) or to bite the bullet and go with the binder method.

I'm curious if you've come to any conclusions yet?

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