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Where are My Utah Red Plum Inserts?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 |

If you are new to She Shops Smart, or missed the first post we wrote, here, about Red Plum being distributed by mail here is another reminder. If you are receiving any paper in the state of Utah, accept for the Daily Herald, your RP inserts will now be mailed to you rather than in your Sunday newspaper. Good news is you get them for FREE in the mail, however you can no longer receive multiple copies, so start asking your neighbors for their unused copies. For those of you receiving the Daily Herald you will continue to receive your inserts in the paper. The Daily Herald was contracted with RP to keep the inserts in the paper, so they are unable to break the contract, but I am guessing that when their contract is up that the coupons will be pulled from the Daily Herald as well.
It is bitter sweet. Yes, we will miss the RP inserts in the paper, but we will still be receiving them . To find out whether you will be receiving the inserts in your paper or in the mail go HERE. Also, did you know that more than 75% of our coupon usage comes from the Smart Source insert? If you have been couponing for a while that is not new news to you. Half of my RP insert coupons go unused.


Anonymous said...

So, how is grocerysmarts going to date the RP inserts from now on? When I get them in the mail, do I write the previous Sunday date on them, or the date that they arrived in my mailbox?

Mitchell Family said...

That is a great question! For now I would date them with Sundays date, but if that changes I will let you know right away!

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