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Safety First!

Thursday, August 20, 2009 |
FREE FREE FREE! There is FREE stuff all over the place! It is so fun! We have been asked if we sign up for the free stuff we post about. Yes we do. If we find a deal we feel is worth posting about it most often means that it is something that we will be taking advantage of. The part that you need to be careful of is what information you are giving out.
There are a few things that you should check and do before giving away any of your information.

What is the site you are on? Is what they are offering to good to be true? If so it probably is-- get off the site! There are some amazing deals available, and tons of FREE items but follow what your gut tells you. When you cant believe what you have found--slow down and check it out before giving out your info. It its to good to be true- it probably is.

Before giving out your email I highly suggest you create a seperate email address that you can use for freebies. This way you wont have a full inbox of junk mail from all the freebies you sign up to receive. In turn for the "freebie" the site/company often wants to put you on the mailing list. This ususally means that they will send you more coupons and notify you of other deals which is great, BUT it can result in a lot of emails you dont necessarily want to read.

Last but not least-- THE RULES you just dont break EVER!
DO NOT and I REPEAT DO NOT give your
credit card number
social security number
There is NO reason for a "FREE" item site to need this info.
Two other things I recommend you be careful of giving out are
Birth dates
your childrens names.
I have received so many awesome FREEBIES! I love it. Just remember to be safe and enjoy your free stuff!

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