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Taste Buds- Colgate Wisps Review with Coupon

Thursday, August 20, 2009 |
Alright this week we tried the new Colgate Wisps! They retail around $2.39 for a package of 4.

Colgate Wisps give you the just brushed clean anytime, anywhere feeling.
Sugar Free
3 different flavors of toothpaste
No water or rinsing necessary
Single use mini-brush
Just brush and go!
Soft pick gets to hard to reach places
Bristles gently remove food and other particles
Freshening bead dissolves in use
Single use
Discreet and portable
Powerful breath freshening
Just brush and go!

The package is small enough that it is easy to carry in a purse, small bag and even possibly your pants pocket!
I had just finished eating my dinner in the car and was about to walk into teach a class and realized I had forgotten my gum in the other car. I quickly pulled out my little Colgate Wisps package. The brush was super easy to get out of the pull back foil package.

As I started to brush I was impressed with the bristles and that they looked like they would hurt my poor little gums since I wouldn't have water to moisten it, but I was surprised at how painless it was. It took a couple seconds before the bead "burst" and I could tell it was freshening my breath and cleaning my mouth. It was weird not to spit anything out when I was through, but overall I felt confident that my teeth were clean and my breath was fresh. You can only use it once and then it needs to be thrown away.

This product got an A in my book! It definitely isn't a substitute for a toothbrush and toothpaste, but it made a great fix for me. I would buy more next time they went on sale! I am not sure I would have paid $2.39, but $1.39 yes.

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