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A Lot for Less

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 |
One of my favorite parts about teaching classes and updating this blog is when you share with Emily and I how much we HELP you! I love that we can teach you an EASY way to save TONS on money! Thank you for inspiring us and keeping us motivated with your encouraging photos, e-mails and phone calls of how well you do using what we show you! We are so grateful to each and every one of you readers! We love each week when we get to share with you are A Lot for Less photos! This weeks photo is from She Shops Smart reader Lauran.

" Hello there! I wanted to share with you my "A Lot For Less" I didn't buy as much as some of the pictures you feature but I think my example is wonderful because I didn't end up spending a single penny! That's right, I ended up being paid $6.97 for this purchase! I bought:

1 Charmin Toilet Paper
Big Pack1 Sucrets Throat Lozenges 24 count
2 Dayquil, 20 count
1 Hersheys Chocolate Chips
1 Maybelline Eye Shadow Quad
1 Maybelling Eye Shadow Trio

I used:$25 Rite Aid gift card for transferring a prescription, $5/$25 coupon, 2 $1/1 any Dayquil, In addition I received $4.99 from Single Check Rebates, and $5 from their Fall Savings Reward.
If these items were full price I would have spent $52.33 Instead, after my rebates, I ended up being paid $6.97 for this purchase! Nothing out of pocket! Amazing!
Thank you for the great coupon tips! We love you at my house!
Thanks! Lauran"

Way to go Lauran! That is incredible. FREE really is the best thing isn't it! Thank you for sharing your A Lot for Less with us!

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