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Sunflower Market

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 |
Shopping with Cents made a list of this week's deals at Sunflower Market! Wednesday's are the best day to go, since they have DOUBLE ad Wednesdays

Meat Department:
All Natural Boneless Chuck Roast: $2.49/lb
All Natural Pork Spare Ribs: $2.49/lb
All Natural Pork Shoulder Roast: $2.49/lb
Boneless Country-Style Ribs: $2.49/lb
All Natural Ground Beef, 85/15 family pack: $1.97/lb

Bulk Foods Bins:
Quick or Rolled Oats: $0.49/lb
Whole Wheat Flour: $0.59/lb
Dried Cranberries: $2.99/lb
Whole Raw Almonds: $2.99/lb

Organic Zucchini: $0.99/lb
Winter Hard Squash, assorted varieties: $0.77/lb
Bunched Broccoli: $0.77/lb
Fresh Cranberries, 12 oz: $2 each
Cucumbers: $0.50 each
Russet Baking Potatoes, 3 lb bag: $1 each
Yellow Onions: 3 lbs/$1
Jonagold & Rome Apples: $0.88/lb
Hothouse Tomatoes: $0.98/lb
Navel Oranges: $0.39/lb
Limes: 10/$1
Blackberries, 5.5 oz: $1.50 each

Remember that Wednesday is Double-Ad day and you can get the sales prices from last week and this week. Go HERE to find the flyer for your area and get ready to shop! Sunflower Markets also offer a 10 cent credit for each reusable bag that you bring in, so don't forget your bags!
Thanks Marie for all the info!

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