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Old Navy Weekly

Friday, November 13, 2009 |
So, did anyone luck out and score a high valued Old Navy Weekly coupon? Remember that various times throughout the week the coupons reset. Be on the lookout and be sure to let us know if they do. If they happen to reset here is a list of all the hiding places, thanks to the Thrifty Northwest Mom!

  • 65/$100 - Put the white cardigan on the modelquin Amy (in middle); then click on the dog behind her in the picture frame (dog is blurry until you click). Catch the stars when they fly out.
  • $45/$100 - Put the gray striped cardigan on Amy and click "Pre-Style It". Move your cursor quickly over to the modelquin's right ear and wait for the green light and click it when it's moving (it's hard but if you position your mouse right near her ear, you'll have a better shot)
  • 20% off any purchase when you buy a party cardigan - Put the yellow cardigan on Amy and click the red dot to the left. Then click on Amy's lips.
  • $10 off $50 - Put the purple cardigan on Amy and move the 3 yellow stars (by the "Pre-style It" blue button) and move them onto the small white dot in the sky (behind Amy on the right). They will form a star for the $10/$50
  • 15% off any purchase - You'll need to refresh your screen and then click Amy's fingernail (don't move any cardigans yet)
  • 10% off any in-store purchase - Put the pink cardigan on Amy and then click the "Pre-Style" button

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