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ANOTHER A Lot for Less

Monday, February 1, 2010 |
Here is another A Lot for Less from She Shops Smart reader Cindy! I met Cindy at an Enrichment night about 5 months ago and I have since taught a class for her friends and family. Cindy is so awesome at using coupons and gave some of the best advice to her friends that were new at using coupons. She told them to stick with it for more than a month! So many times I see people "try"their hand a couponing and if they haven't seen AWESOME results in 2 weeks they give up. Cindy told her friends to at least stick with it for 3-4 months and they would notice a drastic difference in their budgets and pantries! Cindy keep the awesome advice coming and I can't believe what an amazing trip you had this week! Thanks for sharing with us! I bet your glad you stuck with coupons! BTW- I love that Cindy didn't have enough room on her counter to get all her groceries into one picture!

3 bags Armour Meatballs
4 bags birds eye steam vegi’s
3 loaves of smiths bread (love this stuff)
1 tub of I can’t believe…butter
1 box of I can’t believe…butter sticks
10lb bag of potatoes
Baby back ribs
2 4ct dannon activia
5 4ct danimals
3 gal of milk
3 bags of buddig lunchmeat
4 24pkcs of arrowhead water
2 6 pcks of arrowhead water ….FREE!
4 10pcks of Capri Sun
2 16oz Daisy Sr. Cream
4 boxes of Electrasol dishwasher detergent
5 Milk chocolate hersey bars
5 Hershey bars…FREE! (these will be great for my emergeny packs!)
5 bags of shredded kraft cheese
3 bars of kraft cheese
9 boxes of kraft mac&cheese (riley loves this stuff)
3 boxes of kraft mac&cheese…FREE!
5 boxes of krusteaz cookie mix (which I was able to use on muffin mixes too)
1 bag lays potato chips
2 cans of Lays stacks
4 boxes of toaster Strudels
6 boxes of Quaker chewy bars (we love these)
2 bags of Quaker rice cakes
5 Solo plastic items (cups & plates)
4 Tide Laundry detergent
1 tub of sanitizing wipes
2 honey bears
4 tubs of Philadelphia cream cheese
4 boxes of Nabisco crackers

114 items

Total $329.64
Paid $137.81
Saved $194.83

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