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Confessions of a Couponer

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 |
Last week I confessed to you readers that I had experienced some "Coupon Burnout".
The response to that post was overwhelming! We appreciate all your wonderful comments and e-mails. We are lucky to have such supportive and relate able readers.
We had so much fun with that post we thought we would launch a new post idea where we will make a weekly

"Coupon Confession"

We want you guys to know that we are "normal" too. We aren't some super human coupon girls. We have families, laundry and errands to run too. It would be nice to be able to suck in coupon air every minute of every day, but face it, our houses would be disgusting if we did that. We update the blog as often as we can. When we do update it is usually between nap times, coloring time, breakfast and afternoon walks with our kids. That's why occasionally there are grammar and spelling errors. We do our best with our little ones banging on the keyboard as we edit our posts. We wish we could sit and update our blog all day, but our poor kids would miss their mommies.

Coupons are wonderful and yes, we seriously do save $6,000 in a year at the grocery store, but we also enjoy photographing our kids, going to the mall, meeting up for play dates, watching movies with out families and turning off our computers for a day.

So, my coupon confession this week is......

The deals that we post here on the blog, we only personally participate in about 25% of them. GASP, SHOCK AWE! When we tell you about things like .13 goldfish it doesn't mean we ran out to our cars and ran into the store to just buy goldfish. I printed off the coupons and if I make it to the store to use them I will be sure to put them in my cart, but I NEVER make a special trip for a coupon cheapie. Can you imagine if you looked for coupon freebies all day and than you ran out to go buy everything. Coupons would become a FULL time job. You really could drive around town and pick up freebies all day long and eat freebies at fast food joints while you were out, but let's face it if you did that you would be coupon burned out ALL the time. You would want to throw the towel in. Not to mention how expensive that habit could end up getting. Coupon blogging and shopping can be addicting and that's why Emily and I limit our shopping trips to once a week. Whatever we buy in that week that's it. We rarely go back for an item that was out of stock. We figure it will go on sale again someday and we'll hope to buy it then.

So what's your "Coupon Confession" this week?


Infertility Goddess said...

How many times a week do you go to the grocery store? One of my burnout problems is that I felt like I was shopping ALL OF THE TIME! By the time you go to smiths, then maceys and then reams and then albertsons and then .....

Know what I mean? ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are "normal" HAHAHA! I really enjoyed your class at Megan's last night. I am inspired to do better. Thanks!
--Jamie T.

Charayne said...

It's refreshing to hear that you don't score every single deal, but thanks for posting them so that we can enjoy the ones that work best for our families. I love your blog and love saving money. Way to keep it real about kids, fun, and family. Good luck to you guys and thanks again for the amazing job you do with updating us with the deals. :)

Anonymous said...

I took December and January off from couponing and lived off of what we already have. For milk I used powdered milk and bought very few fresh items, we had tones of frozen veggies and canned fruit. I savead a lot of money and I rotated some inventory. We did go out to eat and that was nice too. With the mega sale at Smith's I got back into the groove of couponing but will take it easy. I am glad I took a couple of months off especially during the holidays.

Anonymous said...

I am totally new at this. I spent about 4 hours this week making my grocery list and clipping coupons. It felt like tooo long. But when I got home with my arms loaded I felt so cool. I started getting it all out on the table so I could take a picture. Then I pulled out my receipt to check out my savings and discovered to my horror that I had forgotten to give the cashier my coupons! I wanted to cry. However, I didn't give up. I sucked up my pride, loaded the kids and went back to the store and asked if I could give them my coupons with my receipt after the fact and guess what? They totally let me! Hooray for Smith's! Plus I got 15 cents off per gallon of gas and filled up my car for only $2.48/gallon. Now I'm a happy girl, and I'm going to treat myself to Dreyers icecream that I bought for only $1.49. :)

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