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Coupons for DVDS

Friday, October 9, 2009 |
At Sony's Staycation website you can choose a retail store ( Best Buy or Target were in our area) and a $2 off a Staycation DVD or $3 off a staycation BluRay disc coupon will come up. Below the 2 coupons are a list of about a dozen different titles that the coupon is good on at each retail store. The coupon expires 10/31/09.

I looked online at a few of the prices on the DVDS at Target and here they are. I am not sure if the prices vary from online, but I imagine they are close. Especially when they say stores only.

  • Little Women : $7.50 (stores only)
  • Madeline: $5.00 (stores only)
  • Pink Panther: $7.50 wide screen (in stores only)
  • Annie: $9.00 (in stores only) special anniversary edition full screen and restored
  • My Best Friends Wedding: $7.50 (stores only)
  • Hitch $7.50 (stores only)
  • Matilda: $4.75 on sale in store this week only (WOW only $2.75 to buy after coupon)

If you used a $2 off coupon that would make a GREAT deal on a new DVD. While I was at Target I also noticed a lot of other titles were on sale for $4.75. They were up at the front near the registers. I haven't checked the above prices myself, but I figured that they are worth checking out if you go. When you get back let us know what you were able to find!
Be sure to check out the Best Buy titles as well.

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