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Old Navy Weekly

Friday, October 9, 2009 |
Last night Old Navy Weekly reset and I managed to find a 25% off my entire purchase coupon.
Wondering what Old Navy Weekly is?
It is a part of Old Navy's website were you can "hunt" for weekly coupons.

  • To get to Old Navy weekly go to Old Navy's website and there is a link near the top in yellow and blue that says Old Navy's Weekly Deals. If you click on that it will take to you a page where it says start hunting click on it, or you can get there by going to
  • You need to click around and figure out where the coupons are hidden.
    At the top there is a coupon counter that tells you what coupons are still available.
  • Unfortunately, it is like a game, so you never know when the coupons will be reset, but when they are the coupons go like hot cakes. I mean literally no more than 10 min. Sometimes the coupons can be hard to find too! It really is a task to get them, but when you score a $75 off $100 coupon it is worth it!
  • They use to reset themselves on Thursdays and then they moved it to Sunday's, but as of right now I believe they are resetting Thursday evening again and occasional times through out the week.
  • You can read about some of my crazy all night experiences trying to find the coupons here.

I know we use to update this weekly and then we stopped. I think I had scored some of the "big" coupons so many times I felt like my families wardrobe was complete! The other day as it dropped to 60 degrees and I went to pull out the warmer clothes I realized it was time to start hunting for those coupons again! My kids need some new warm clothes and I need to start putting away some X-Mas gifts =)
It was the best feeling at summer time when I went in and bought a $100 worth of clothes, handed the checker my $75-$60 off $100 purchases and my bill came between $25 and $40. It is the easiest way to save money on clothes.

This week when you check out their website you can see where I found the coupons, but like I said the big ones where already gone by time I logged on:

  • $75 off $100 - There are 3 mugs pictured at the bottom - click on the blue mug and then the pink mug for the $75
  • $50 off $100- Move the "birthday issue" ad (bottom right) to the pink birthday bag (bottom middle)
  • $10 off $50 - Click the large cupcake (under "15 and fantastic) 15 times for the coupon to pop up
  • 25% off entire purchase - Click on the shirt of the boy wearing the red pullover (top middle) and the picture of the boy wearing the orange shirt (middle picture w/2 kids) - they will swap colors and the coupon will pop up.
  • 15% off when you buy the item of the week - Click the "15" on the birthday cake (middle picture with the girl in red vest)
  • 10% off entire purchase- Move the birthday hat (on girl far left in purple) to the guy in yellow and white striped shirt's head (top middle)
  • Thanks to Thriftynorthwestmom for the hiding spots!
Good Luck and my only advice it so check often. If you find the coupons reset make a comment! I will be sure to update if the coupons reset sometime later this week.

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