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Organize Random Coupons, Rebates, Rain Checks and More

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 |
Many of you have e-mailed me over the last couple weeks and have asked me what I think about using the binder method. I PROMISE I am getting close to sharing with you my opinions. I wanted to have used my binder enough times to tell you how I feel about it. In the meantime I still LOVE the file folder method, but lots of you wonder how on earth to keep track of rain checks, rebate form and receipts, box tops and more. Karrie at a FistfulofCoupons shows a BRILLIANT idea on how she keeps her stuff together =).

"Who knew a shoe organizer could be so much fun. I even have my incoming Bills put in the top pocket! I feel so organized now. Here are the item pockets I have currently in there.

1 Incoming Bills
2Mail In Rebate Forms found various places
3 Rainchecks I am not quite ready to use
4 Coke Points caps and codes
5 Hair Cut Cards & Coupons
6 Craft store & Joanns coupons plus Formula Checks
7 All the Pizza and restaurant coupons sent to me
8 Box Tops for Education
8 Cereal tokens and forms
9 Various UPCs I want to keep for who knows when? lol.
10 Albertsons free bread receipt surveys."

Thanks Karrie for sharing your idea!

This would make keeping all your "EXTRAS" organized. Adjust the pockets to meet your needs and organize away! Do you have a method that works great for you? Share it with us! We love to see how you keep all your stuff together!

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